A Human Journey

The true inspiration of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) is the never ending quest to discover human himself, and the process of discovery can be to make something, which can enact with Human Intelligence. For examples lets recollect our journey as a kid, and how excited we were when we saw the wild animals. Filled with excitement and a keen curious eye we noticed, remembered and recognized when we saw them again. We recollected the experience while we were sharing stories about the experience to our friends, or we drew them or painted them. We were able to do that with so much precision, because the animals, the flowers, the birds, the places has some very distinctive feature about them in first place, and had a close correlation to their specifies or families. Humans are very intuitive, but to make something enact like human we have become very thoughtful, as human has very vast memory, relation access, in no time, with unlimited processing power and compute complex things, ' Elephant seems like he is becoming restless, lets go away'. However we are slowly, gradually with baby steps building some fragments of human intelligence into limited capability constrained devices, computers. To do that we looked about conceptualizing how we learnt or how we shared our learning to others. We broken down what we described about an elephant as features. How many legs elephant had ? 4 . How many Trunk it had? 1, How many Tusks it had ?2. How tall was it tail? Short., etc, etc. We drew a table and noted about each animal in every line and in every cross line we noted header common or distinctive feature and filled with either numerical value or an categorical value. As we did we saw a pattern emerging for a puzzle to play. We played a guessing game, with our friends we will read out the noted features and values and he has to guess the animal. Then we built a puzzle such that the features uniquely maps to an animal name. Likewise if we give the table to machine and ask it to map the new values to guess an animal name are called machine learning algorithms. Of course we have built very complex puzzles with many more animals and features. Now while we lay the puzzle with our age group we dont do that with kids, we just show the animal and say its Elephant that it. That's deep learning. Present Image and Description, and it will learn the mappings. If Kid explain the features and say this is why she thought it was an elephant that XAI. A picture is worth 1000 words, but here i wanted to write few words so you picture your entire life there is so much more to life or this experience of being human, and any discovery is wither an observation of nature or oneself, and the more we discover our respect towards nature, all humanity grows, and so naturally our efforts to respect, protect nature will naturally grow in us too, may be AI will bridge back to ourselves.Author - Madhusoodhana Chari S