A One in a Billion Face

Is Your Face One in a Billion?Is your face one in a billion? This is a question you might not have ever asked yourself yet it is one that is worthy of some consideration. Facial recognition accuracy has been rapidly improving over the last several years. If these improvements continue at their current rate very soon you will be able to safely say you have a one in a billion face. But what is facial recognition you might ask and how will these improvements impact my life? Simply put, facial recognition the ability to recognize someone by their facial features. The simplest of these systems look at bone structure, shape of your nose and eye sockets, and maybe distance from your nose to your mouth. Your features are then stored in a secure location say on your smartphone or on a database. When you secure a device with facial recognition it compares your current image with the stored image you provided and determines within a level of confidence if you are really you. Now I know what you are thinking why does this type of system need to improve, I can already secure my smart phone what more will improvements do for me? The answer is, advances in accuracy of facial detection will change everyone’s lives and the world. Once facial recognition approaches the one in a billion it will be the primary way the world secures itself. You will access your bank accounts, passport will be replaced with databases of citizens, just think how cool it will be when you pull in your driveway and your house unlocks the door and turns on the lights just from your face. I believe these IoT devices will see the largest growth potential from facial recognition improvements.Mike Wimmer, 11 year old High School Studentwww.nexterainnovations.com