Advantages and Disadvantages of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th revolution brings with it a multitude of advantages and disadvantages for the world.Privacy for citizens is being invaded and spam, phishing, and identify theft scams of all types continue to evolve and transform.Politics, security, peacekeeping, and surveillance occur on a whole different and more perverse level. These activities will likely to become less and less noticeable on a physical level.People weigh and compare employment options then choices and tradeoffs will surely impact social, economic and political initiatives.Data & Access to it will result in a massive difference to access around the world. This dynamic is only going to become more disruptive and will create ongoing conflicts and ethical challenges.The blurring of boundaries makes it harder to know where the next risk may lie with a product or service.Digital Reliance on a digital world that abandons old turn-key technologies creates unique disadvantages.The world is more connected the idea of basic day-to-day human interaction is becoming and will continue to become less relevant.Access to water, food and alternative energy represent area for large paradigm shifts. We will see a decreasing reliance on fossil fuels, an ability to transform non-potable water, and the idea of computer-generated food could become a reality.Automation, simplification and scheduling are being driven down to the average person.A massive shift in medical, pharmacy, space exploration, and science will continue. Solutions will arise for space travel, food production and storage, and potable water.We are faced with a massive transformation for the world in the way we interact, get things done, find information, communicate, work, play, invest, research, wage war, etc. We must be diligent to do the best we can to foster technology transformation in a balanced approach.By: Tripp Parker