Conversational AI

Conversational AI has revolutionized Artificial Intelligence and had a potential impact.I think this has really helped in resolving customer issues in all domains like- Booking flights, hotels and so on. This basically helps in all domains and it was about time we got this technology in all domains.It seems trivial but it’s extremely important to replace the traditional IVR's (Interactive voice response). IVRs- need a DTMF code and it's quite frustrating to go through the entire menu and get the relevant ones. People make calls and want to talk to someone when they are in dire need or need a quick fix. By the time they get to the right agent- they have to repeat the context over and over again- like Bank account number, SSN, flight PNR and so on. Sometimes the hold goes to over an hour and the customer is left feeling hopeless. Imagine an Intelligent assistant which understands all your questions and the machine answers everything for you- fetching out the right information in less than 10 mins. This is the power of Conversational AI- it can map things like I want to book a room for mom, dad and I - and quantifies it to 3 people. All this happens without a live person in the loop. Sometimes for complicated cases Intent analysts might be needed but I love how this technology has been flourishing.An important element of an effective Conversational AI solution is the right data so that the AI system can be trained well. It becomes the face of your company and therefore should be approached with great detail and care. A good Conversational AI application can retain existing and create new customers, while a badly designed one can take away the customer.Author - Sheetal