Customer Behavior and Persona Design

Imagine... All that we need is just to imagine and think. Once we become able to think, we can search for a solution.Usually Data Scientists are the ones which can create the best formulas and graphs using different tools... from Python, R to Tableau or even SAS. But should we keep doing this? Is what the market is looking for when someone hire a Data Scientist?What IF: the Data Scientist become the one who provide solutions that normal humans can process and understand! Such as deliver solutions for Persona Design or even provide a Behavior Analysis and Analytics based on Customer Insights.The Man or Woman to go when Business requires a deep understanding of the business status and that would be the day where data scientists will become the Solution Architects (how they did it... who cares!!!)I am a Researcher and you can also call me Data Scientist. With Technology Background and currently working on the financial sector.You can do two things: forget everything that I wrote on this post and think that I am a crazy man.Or start abstracting and embrace yourself into an imaginary world where Data Scientist will power the world with Storytelling, Culture Frameworks or Even Behavioral Economics.With a multi-disciplinary vision... we will create value.Thanks in advanceCamilo Amarcy