Data skills wish knew early on in my career

When starting my path toward becoming an engineer there were numerous things that wish knew early on in my career. In the beginning I used Microsoft Access and Excel for all my analysis which are sufficient for some analysis but not the right tools for most of the projects being assigned to me.It became apparent rather quickly that needed a better method to perform the analysis for projects being assigned. My cubicle was close to several of the software engineers and IT staff at the time. I would often talk with them about some of the other programs being used (Python, R, etc..) to get a sense of how much more efficient my daily work could be if the knowledge could be gained. I set out and bought a few books and attended as many webinars as were offered to improve my skill level. I quickly found the plethora of YouTube videos, websites, and reference material to help me along on the journey.I wish that would have known about all the available resources to help in learning about new tools much sooner. I would have liked to know that there are so many individuals out there that provide tutorials and are always willing to help in your learning journey. I would have liked to start learning about many of these programs earlier on in my career which would have made the journey easier. Currently expanding my skills in Python and will continue that journey learning more each day in addition to many other programs.By: Mark Makowski