Data use in care

Due to regulations (GDPR) it seems to get more and more difficult to set up data lakes to train AI, use data for a brother range of research then it was initially collected for or use it in line for valuebased healthcare.

How can we be inventive to act in line with the GDPR but also get data available ?  Anonimise or pseudonimise will not be the solution, due to the fact we are using data for an other purpose then it is initially gatherd.  Therefore it might be the solution to start the new way of thinking and start with "Data Donors" ! Just ask for the data and patients are more the willing to share their data as long as it has is used for the right purpose... to improve the care of to personalise the care. We need to take care of the meaningfull use and be transparent/open about the use and results we will gain the trust of owners of data. People want to contribute to the care not only for their own advantage but also to help other people.

Author - Erik