Data Wrangling in Layman's Terms

What is Data Wrangling?When I think of wrangling I think of bringing in the animals to make sure they are all going in the right direction. So let's get our data all going to the same place!

You can think of wrangling as changing or reformatting a data set or column of data. When you have a set of data to wrangle, you first have to make sure the data is in the right format. If you had temperature data you would want to make sure it's all in degrees Fahrenheit. If some is in degrees Celsius that would throw off your analysis. A scripting language like Python or R can used to reformat the data from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Now your data will be easier to work with!I got the idea to talk about data wrangling after reading this definition. from: www.aranchmom.comBy: Emily Brown