How to network at a data science conference if you are broke and an introvert

My top strategy for getting the most out of a data science/analytics conference is to be a volunteer! If you help out at the check-in table, you automatically meet every attendee, learn their name, and match it to a face without any effort at all. What could be simpler? Nice bonus: most likely you will get a free or at least a heavily discounted admission to the conference this way. Tip #2: Try to sit up in front as much as possible and when it’s time for the Q&A, actually ask a question and make sure it is a good, thought-provoking one! Tip #3: If you enjoyed a certain presenter’s talk, then look them up on LinkedIn afterwards and request to connect. Be sure to compliment them on their talk, they’ll love that and for sure will accept your request. Marmi Le, Business Intelligence Developer at Children’s Hospital Colorado