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1. Come out of theoretical life and find a simple use case2. Write down or brainstorm on the steps to achieve your problem statement, if you were to do this work manually, how would you do it?(Forget coding and syntax in this step)3. Now divide these steps into components (one step at a time)4. Now start thinking about building your first component (start small and grow big)5. Remember stackoverflow is always our best buddy and friend to trust on6. Now browse and figure out any reusable code (learn from it)7. Learn to edit the code and make it work for your use case8. As you master the rational behind the editing, now focus on learning more syntax and snippets to enhance the code to next component or level9. As you start reading or viewing couple of code snippets online, now it's time to build hybrid versions10. Do your own testing and figure out a way to fit all components together11. Run the code, it's ok if it fails, do it N number of times as you can to achieve success. Iterations is always good. (Fail fast)P.S. to keep yourself motivated, we all need a drug called success, hence first step should always be to look out for code online and start editing it. If it works, then you will surely have motivation to pick up next use case and start challenging yourself more, meanwhile start learning more and finally start coding everything on your own because now you know the ways of working by heart. All the best.- Nasala Subramaniam Vamsi Krishnan (In short - Vamsi)