SME(CVM,Data Analytics, Data Analyst)

Data has over the years and relentlessly become a good resource for several companies. In recent times data is known to be the world's oil because of the numerous benefits that can be derived from data.Data indeed has a voice and can speak well to all business problems and help provide tailored solutions accordingly. Unfortunately, I only used to use data at a descriptive stage where I got to understand what was happening in my organization. The skills I lacked most was ability to mine the data in a more diagnostic manner to understand why it was telling me what it did.In essence, I wish I knew what type of diagnostic analysis to perform by looking at the descriptive analysis. I always had a bit of a problem identifying what to do next once I am presented with data analysis.I wish I knew the mathematical and theoretical underpinning of all variables that I look at and know what each value means.In addition, I wish I knew when to use which tool and when not to use any? I wish I knew how to use programming languages way earlier to understand how to wrangle data and tease out insight. I wish I knew the exact technique in teasing out insights from any set of values for any given variables/KPIs.Above all, I wish I could mine data extensively years ago.RegardsEvans Abakah