Story-telling through Dashboard's/ Visuals

Data Visualization is a critical part of any data science workflow. Imagine that you are working on huge data-set having more variables and observations, and you want to create a story out of it. Its more like you have ingredients and now you need to cook a recipe, which must taste good else it will be waste of time and efforts.Having effective visuals and story-telling with help of it will turn data into information which can be used to drive better decision making. Dashboard's are just collection of visuals pertaining to particular domain. For example, a Sales overview dashboard will contain trend plots depicting how prices are being fluctuated, bar plots to show how different categories have performed through given time period, pie chart to show who is major contributor to sales and many more.Now, presently with boom of big data, many software's/frameworks have emerged to showcase effective data visualization. Some of the famous software's or frameworks are:1. Tableau, PowerBI, Rshiny [Dash-boarding]2. D3.js, plotly, ggplot2 and matplotlib [Visualization]Since we have tools in our hand, my focus in this blog is on story-telling through visuals. Following are key points which you should know while communicating the visuals:1. Always understand the context: Its critical part in any data visualization activity.Always know your audience, what they know and what you need them to understand through visualization. Once you have clarity around it, you can think about choosing effective visuals.2. Choosing effective Visuals: Appropriate color schemes and proper charts are also important aspect of story-telling. Imagine one visual where you are indicating red as danger and in another one as most informative. Naah ! not so good choice. Don't mix the meaning when you are using same color, but on different perspectives. Avoid showing too much of information on single visual, it's pretty annoying to understand.3. Improve Audience's Attention: Size, color, and position when mixed together aids the sight and visuals created using it are easily absorbed in our memory, make most use of it.Keeping these things in mind will not only help you build better visuals, but also will communicate information easily.By: Gaurav Chavan