The Power of YES!

Have you ever seen the movie “Yes Man”? It is a movie about a man stuck in his negative ways and due to a self-help seminar, he learns to unleash the power of yes which leads to him living a very exciting life as he travels around the world and meets new people.Try to use the power of yes in your daily life and see where it takes you. Are you at a data science conference? Perfect! Here are a few strategies and tips for networking at conferences.Go by yourself: This will maximize your opportunity to meet new people.Get out of your comfort zone: Outside is where the magic happens.Sit with the cool kids at lunch: Sit at a table with people that you don’t know and start a conversation.Give out your business card (and collect them): This is a great way to remember all the people you meet. Pro Tip: Write something on the back of the card that was unique about them or your conversation. Connect with people after the conference: Use the notes you took to craft a message to connect on LinkedIn.By: Monica Kay Royal