The trend which will have an impact on all future AI

There are so many new trends in the field of data science and AI. In my opinion, the one that would impact all future AI and systems would be - voice recognition.There has been a huge amount of work that had been done in this area in the past decade. With the increase in computing power of computer systems, it is becoming more tangible to process data of this sort. But along with that is also the challenge of complexity of human language and human interaction. It look a long time to get these voice recognition systems into production so that consumers could make use of it like Amazon's Alexa. Now you can book an uber, order food - all with Alexa.But anyone who has used the technology knows that it has its flaws. Alexa, most often, loses context of conversations or catches wrong phrases. Also, for Alexa to work, it needs an internet connection. Anything that you speak goes over the internet to Alexa Voice Services for interpretation and response.There is work being done to constantly improve this tech. Why I feel this would be a key tech impacting all future AI is because, once we really enter a world of self driving cars and personal assistants and all the things we saw in sci fi movies which are actually becoming a reality, for them to be super convenient to use, the interaction would be by voice rather than a keyboard or a touchscreen. And in order for the to happen, the voice recognition trend will have to be more than just a trend. It would have to become a fully functional error proof system which will be the medium to interact with all other AI in the world to come.Author - Astha Puri