Tips of the week

It's always better to follow the basics:

  1. Keep Smiling
  2. Do your research on what you want to get out of the conference and make sure you get connected with a few on Linked In .It may be help you in long run !
  3. If you are new to data science , approach other peers and try to learn something new .DS is a ocean and not every one knows everything!
  4. Share your knowledge!
  5. Always try a open ended questions so you may learn more the topic you wanted while you are talking to new person
  6. Listen and wait until they complete their statements.
  7. Note the topics that you wanted to learn and approach people asking to seek info on those topics
  8. There is no Bad or good way to start conversation( Pro Tip keep up your smile and be interactive,Remember your are there to learn or get knowledge so its worth interacting)
  9. If you are not the one who can start a conversation,Lookup for some group talks and introduce yourself and start asking them about the topics that are curious from the conference .

By: Raj Manoj