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Thanks for stopping by to learn about the DATAcated Circle. My name is Kate Strachnyi, I'm the founder of DATAcated and the community manager for the DATAcated Circle.

The DATAcated Circle is a supportive community of awesome data professionals. It's an online platform where you can gain valuable skills in data storytelling and dashboarding, and have interesting conversations within the interactive discussion board.

DATAcated Circle

Engage in discussions around data visualization, data storytelling, data analytics, and more. There are spaces for book recommendations, job posts, upcoming events, as well as a place to share and have access to helpful resources.

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What are our members saying?

"Many people say that 'data is the new oil'. This group is for those that hold Data at a higher standard. DATAcated Circle is full of those trying to improve the world."

Josh Quintana

"Belonging to a network like the DATAcated Circle can assist people entering this field in both personal and professional growth. I am thankful for opportunities available within this community."

Christine Seagrave

"I'm loving the discussions and content! This is such a great place to connect with others in the data industry. It's a great opportunity to grow and learn and it's great to connect with people at all stages in their data career."

Melissa Metz


To provide a supportive and engaging environment for individuals and organizations to come together to learn, share, and collaborate on data-related projects and initiatives.