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We are building a community for data analysts, data scientists, data visualization specialists, data storytellers, business analysts, students, analytics managers, business intelligence developers, data journalists, and others interested in data.

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DATAcated Circle

DATAcated Circle is a thriving community of data professionals, founded and managed by Kate Strachnyi.

Become a member of our community and engage in discussions around data visualization, data storytelling, data analytics, and other topics.

There are spaces for book recommendations, job posts, upcoming events, as well as a place to share and have access to helpful resources. As a member, you are also eligible to earn some fun badges!

Unique Features

As a member of the ‘DATAcated Circle’ get access to all DATAcated courses
(a $1,500+ value).

DATAcated Storytelling

Communicating your findings is just as important as the data itself. Learn how to communicate data stories effectively.

Data to Dashboard Series

Includes courses on Tableau, Power BI, Python Plotly Dash, R Shiny, Excel, TIBCO, Amazon QuickSight, Qlik, and DOMO.