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DATAcated collaborates with organizations specializing in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, with the objective of creating and sharing insightful content that enhances brand recognition.

Whether your objective is to drive website traffic, raise brand awareness, generate new leads, or establish authority and industry expertise; we’ll work closely with you to drive results.

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170K LinkedIn Followers

200K YouTube Subscribers

60k Newsletter Subscribers

20K Email Subscribers

36k TikTok Followers

4k Twitter (X) Followers

Trusted by the best data companies

DATAcated works with companies that are focused on data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to develop and amplify content that aims to raise brand awareness. We do this with live shows, newsletters, social media posts, email blasts, attending in-person events, and more! We've worked with brands like SAP, IBM, Intel, Alteryx, Dremio, Atlan, ThoughtSpot, and several others.

DATAcated Media Services

DATAcated specializes in connecting organizations with the vast data community through innovative social media strategies.

Whether you're aiming to boost website traffic, elevate brand recognition, generate new leads, or establish your authority in the industry, our tailored services are designed to deliver impactful results.

We leverage a variety of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (X), Medium, and others, to help you reach your audience.  

Our offerings range from one-time services to comprehensive ongoing packages, designed to meet your unique needs.

Additionally, we have an extensive DATAcated Plus program (below), which allows you to hire over 20 data & AI influencers to help you make a splash on social media.

Here's a glimpse of what we offer →

  • LinkedIn Post: Engaging content in various formats such as text posts, short videos, text with photos, document carousels, and polls.

  • LinkedIn Newsletter: A 250-500 word newsletter tailored to your needs; with a specific CTA, sent to subscribers via email.

  • Email Blast: Targeted email featuring a specific call-to-action link. This service boasts an average 30% open rate and 5.5% click-rate.

  • LinkedIn Live: A 45-minute livestream hosted by Kate Strachnyi; with the recording available on LinkedIn and YouTube and shared mp4 file.

  • DATAcated Takeover: Allows YOU to host a 45-minute livestream on DATAcated channels. We take care of promotions.

  • DATAcated X: A 5-minute explainer video on a specific data concept; uploaded to YouTube. Increase awareness and educate the audience .

  • Short Clips: Creation of short videos (under 60 seconds) for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, etc.

  • Twitter (x) Posts: Crafting tweets to promote a specific call-to-action. Live tweeting is an option for in-person / virtual events.

  • Threads Posts: Creation of engaging threads; each promoting a specific call-to-action. Live threads posts is an option.

  • Medium Article: A blog article of approximately 500-750 words for the Medium platform, which can include images and CTA.

  • Conference Promo: A customizable package that includes pre-event promo to drive attendance, in-person appearance, live posting, and event recap.

DATAcated Plus Program

With DATAcated Plus you get access to all of the best data & AI influencers across all social media platforms! Influencer relations: reduce your time and effort in sourcing, evaluating, and managing influencers, negotiating, distributing payments, and analyzing results.

START: You tell us how big of a splash you want to make and we will select the influencers that can make the biggest impact for your business needs.

Kate Strachnyi
LinkedIn: 170k followers
YouTube: 176k subscribers
Andrew Jones
LinkedIn: 103k followers
Email: 23k subscribers
Kristen Kehrer
LinkedIn: 94k followers
Instagram: 2k followers
Carly Taylor
LinkedIn: 120k followers
Instagram: 2k followers
Sadie St. Lawrence
LinkedIn: 30k followers
Instagram: 1k followers
Andreas Kretz
LinkedIn: 120k followers
YouTube: 170k subscribers
George Firican
LinkedIn: 55k followers
YouTube: 450k subscribers
Kirk Borne
LinkedIn: 83k followers
Twitter (X): 440k subscribers
Ravit Jain
LinkedIn: 140k followers
YouTube: 180k subscribers
Nick Singh
LinkedIn: 160k followers
Twitter (X): 30k subscribers
Jordan Morrow
LinkedIn: 30k followers
Twitter (X): 2k subscribers
Scott Taylor
LinkedIn: 55k followers
Twitter (X): 1k subscribers
Admond Lee
LinkedIn: 46k followers
Medium: 6k subscribers
T. Scott Clendaniel
LinkedIn: 70k followers
Twitter (X): 1k subscribers
Mico Yuk
LinkedIn: 20k followers
Instagram: 1k subscribers
Leon Gordon
LinkedIn: 60k followers
Koo Ping Shung
LinkedIn: 28k followers
Medium: 2k subscribers
Christina Stathopoulos
LinkedIn: 80k followers
Instagram: 2k subscribers
Avery Smith
LinkedIn: 104k followers
Instagram: 5k subscribers
Megan Lieu
LinkedIn: 91k followers
Serg Masís
LinkedIn: 61k followers
Hana M.K.
TikTok: 36k followers
Instagram: 7k subscribers
Kevin Petrie
LinkedIn: 21k followers
Smriti Mishra
LinkedIn: 76k followers
Instagram: 4k subscribers
Ron Van Loon
Twitter (X): 320k followers
LinkedIn: 90k subscribers
Matt Fornito
LinkedIn: 16k followers
Brij Kishore Pandey
LinkedIn: 466k followers

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Testimonials from our Media Partners

Andrea Watts
from Narrative Science

DATAcated events are always unique and thoughtful and I always leave having learned something. Kate is so easy to work with and always accommodates our needs and ideas.

Fred Hefer
from Pomerol Partners

Kate is awesome to work with. She understood what we wanted to achieve and pro-actively generated ideas for us to consider - which moved swiftly into execution and results.

Gillian Farquhar
from Qlik

Working with Kate on a series of LinkedIn Lives was very successful for us and created a new path to connecting with our users and potential users.

DATAcated Audience

Below is a quick overview of the DATAcated audience.


United States: 34%
United Kingdom: 21%
India: 18%
Canada: 15%
Other: 12%

Company Size

10,001+ staff: 16%
51-200 staff: 15%
1001-5000 staff: 12 %
11-50 staff: 11%
Other: 46%


IT & Services: 32%
Computer Software: 27%
Financial Services: 19%
Hospital & Healthcare: 16%
Other: 6%

Job Function

Engineering: 24%
Info Tech: 22%
Business Dev: 15%
Research:: 12%
Other: 27%


Senior: 42%
Entry: 36%
Manager: 10%
Director: 8%
Other: 4%

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