DataVengers Assemble at Data Universe

Exciting times ahead on April 10 and 11 at Data Universe (North Javits in NYC). This new, global event has a unique format of six different stages and will feature over 100 speakers from all across the data...universe! We caught up with the DataVengers, a group of content creators who will be converging at North Javits Center in New York, to hear what they are looking forward to the most at the show:

Andrew Jones, Data Science Infinity
If you're looking for me at Data Universe 2024, you'll most likely find me near the Analytics & Intelligence stage. As a Data Scientist, and Data Science & Analytics instructor, I know how quickly the landscape is changing. It's important, however, to stay focused on what is truly having an impact at all levels of business. While Generative AI takes all the headlines, there are huge overheads, risks, and complexities that most businesses either don't want or need at this point in time. This is why I love how the Analytics & Intelligence stage has been organized, with talks devoted to Data Analytics, Decision Intelligence, as well as Applied AI and Machine Learning from a truly diverse set of expert speakers. As I'm doing more and more work with companies who are upskilling their teams in the areas of Data Science, and Analytics - I'm also looking forward to many "Teams and Talent" talks (on the Business Strategy & Transformation Stage). Outside of this, I'm looking forward to networking, learning, listening, and finding opportunities that are as yet unknown, but only present themselves at conferences like this! Finally, if you see me, come and say hi! (I'm 6'6' and will be wearing my bright orange conference suit, so you can't miss me)
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Kate Strachnyi, DATAcated
First I’m excited to finally have a major data conference on the east-coast in NYC! I'm looking forward to the networking and the talks. I know that several of the DataVengers are going to be there as well as some awesome speakers like Serena Huang, Eric Kavanagh, Peggy Tsai, Sadie St. Lawrence, and many others. When I’m not walking around, creating content, and networking, I plan to spend most of my time in the audience in the Analytics & Business Intelligence Stage. Some of the specific talks that are on my list include: Revolutionizing Analytics with Language Models: Bridging Data, Decisions, and Dialogue with David Boyle; The Death of 'Journalism' with Eric Kavanagh; The Great Data Debate with Mike Ferguson, Cindi Howson. I’m also going to be onsite doing some interviews with exhibitors and learning more about their products and services. You’ll find me on the Analytics & Business Intelligence stage as a host on April 10 and again on April 11 for the DataVengers panel where we are going to talk about the latest tech trends and the importance of personal brands. Additionally, I’m taking part in the Women in Data Panel Breakfast on April 11 on the Modern Architectures, Data Products, and AI Stage, along with some awesome speakers. For the first time ever, the DataVengers are actually going to have a booth to call their own (shared with Deep Vibe - a Creative Agency)! We are planning to do some fun giveaways and book signings. I will have copies of ColorWise: A Data Storyteller’s Guide to the Intentional Use of Color at the booth.
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Christina Stathopoulos, Dare to Data
In the countdown leading up to Data Universe, I’m eagerly awaiting what promises to be a transformative gathering of data professionals. 2 days jam-packed with top speakers, networking, and booth demos, I expect to leave the conference with lasting connections and a deeper understanding of the latest data technologies and emerging trends. When I am not busy speaking (come find me on day 2 at the Data Strategy stage!), hosting part of the Data Analytics track, or creating content with my fellow DataVengers, I plan to hop between stages and attend as many talks as I can. Considering those making a remarkable and unique impact in the data space, I’m most looking forward to hearing the thoughts of Cindy Chin (NASA Datanaut, CEO & Chief Space Officer, Planetary Systems AI), Cindi Howson (Chief Data Strategy Officer, ThoughtSpot), Doug Laney (Data & Analytics Strategy Advisor, Speaker, Author, Instructor), Jon Krohn (Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist,, Sadie St. Lawrence (Founder & CEO, Women in Data), Serena Huang (Speaker & Founder, Data with Serena). I’m particularly curious to find out what everyone has top of mind in the rapidly evolving data and AI space. This field is hard for anyone to keep up with and conferences like Data Universe are a way to hear firsthand about the latest happenings from a wide variety of industry experts.
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George Firican, LightsOnData
As I gear up for the much-anticipated Data Universe conference, my enthusiasm is especially piqued for the sessions on AI and data governance. In my roles as a data governance professional, course instructor, and the founder of LightsOnData, I have committed myself to unraveling the intricate web of data governance, management, and quality. My core mission is to render these pivotal concepts both accessible and captivating to a wider audience, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of data's critical role in our digital age. The forthcoming sessions on AI and data governance at Data Universe 2024 are set to be a cornerstone for professionals across the data and business spectrum, regardless of their career phase. These discussions lie at the epicenter of the ongoing technological revolution, tackling both the immense challenges and opportunities that AI and data unveil. Therefore, I am eager to take in all the insights and knowledge shared by renowned data professionals that are presenting at this conference. A few sessions I'm particularly excited about include: "Governance as an Enabler for Better Outcomes" by Emili Budell-Rhodes, "Innovation Meets Integrity: Data Governance Strategies in the AI Era" by Kristy Wedel, and "5 Things Chief Data Officers Should Know to Build an AI-First Organization" by Peggy Tsai. Additionally, I'll have the privilege of presenting my own insights in a talk titled "The Role of Metadata in Governance, Business & AI." Beyond the sessions, you'll find me conducting interviews with some of the most innovative companies and professionals in the data realm, networking, and hanging out with the remarkable DataVengers. In essence, I am enthusiastic about both disseminating and absorbing knowledge at the confluence of data governance and AI. This conference promises to be a great opportunity for exchanging ideas, strategies, and visions that will shape the future of our digital world. I look forward to connecting with fellow professionals in the field, advancing our collective understanding of data's transformative power.
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Jordan Morrow, Bodhi Data
Events like Data Universe present a unique opportunity for attendees. First, an event like Data Universe presents a wonderful opportunity to network and meet people. Networking is a wonderful thing that helps one's career. Through meeting people, I have come to know the great people in the DataVengers and what a benefit that has brought to me! Second, an event like Data Universe allows for speakers to deliver different topics and being not a vendor conference, it has thought leadership and product agnostic sessions. I like this as it can help with data and AI strategic work. Third, the vendors at the event. You can meet and speak with different vendors, learning about them and maybe then, finding vendors that could help you at your organization. Overall, Data Universe is a great opportunity for attendees. I look forward to meeting friends and the chance to meet some new people, I look forward to learning from different topics, and I look forward to possibly speaking to vendors and maybe even grabbing a bit of swag. If you are at the event, come and speak to the DataVengers and say hello!
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Kristen Kehrer, Data Moves Me
I can’t wait to see so many data community members at Data Universe. Although I plan to attend as much in as possible across all 6 stages, given my current work, I’m especially interested in learning more about privacy and data security in this current AI landscape. A couple of the talks on the Governance, Privacy, and Security stage that I’m most excited for are: “Your Data Journey from Compliance to Security: A Roadmap” with Terry Ray, “Cybersecurity Risk Management in the Age of AI” with Michelle Ovanesian, “The Role of Metadata in Governance, Business & AI” with George Firican. I’m also pumped for the panel where I’ll be speaking with a few other DataVengers on April 11th “Talking Tech Trends with the DataVengers”, I’ll be sharing the stage with Scott Taylor, Kate Strachnyi, and Andrew Jones where we’ll be discussing our favorite trends, but we’ll also make time to touch on building a personal brand in data. I hope to see you there! Jon Krohn’s talk “Generative AI with Open-Source LLMs” is a keynote I will certainly not miss, he’ll be taking us on a journey through the full lifecycle of LLM development, from training to production deployment! I’ll be looking to see if there are any tools or techniques shared that I’ll be able to apply to my own projects. And as a forecasting nerd myself, I’m looking forward to David Savlowitz talk “Want Better Forecasts? Make Predictive Analytics a Game”. There is so much to see at this conference, my only struggle will be trying to get as much in as possible!
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Scott Taylor – The Data Whisperer
I'm particularly interested in Doug Laney's keynote address, "Data is NOT the new Oil." Doug is a long-time thought leader (he came up with the original three V's of big data) and is an expert on cutting through data-speak. The "Business Strategy and Transformation" stage also holds significant appeal. Here, industry leaders will share case studies demonstrating WHY data and AI are driving real business value. These insights are critical for data leaders. We must continually emphasize the strategic application of data and AI, moving beyond data collection to leverage it for achieving organizational goals and fostering transformation. So I’ll be in the front row to hear Jason Foster's practical guidance on "Data-Informed Strategic Leadership". Tony Mazzarella's "The Human Side of Data Management" serves as a crucial reminder of the ongoing importance of human expertise in the data age. Emili Budell-Rhodes' exploration of "The Role of Culture in Business Transformation" delves into the essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of cultivating a data-driven culture. Finally, Veronika Durgin's session, "Assemble a Data Team, LEGO-Style," offers a practical approach to building a high-performing data team, emphasizing the value of diverse skillsets and collaboration. And who doesn’t love to hear about LEGO? Data leaders of all types need to remember that business stakeholders must understand WHY using data and AI will enable the strategic intentions of their organization. Sessions on Business Strategy and Transformation stage will be a crash course.
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