Everything you need to land a Data Engineer job with Andreas Kretz

In a special LinkedIn Live episode, Andreas Kretz, the founder of Team Data Science, shares insights on landing a Data Engineer job. Andreas, whose expertise lies in data engineering, discusses his background and the evolution of the field. He emphasizes the importance of practical experience and the necessary skills to excel in this role.


During the episode, viewers have the opportunity to win a one-month subscription, with ten winners being announced later. Andreas highlights the demand for data engineers, particularly in areas like Silicon Valley, where companies require their expertise and are willing to offer higher salaries due to limited supply. However, he clarifies that experience and skills are essential prerequisites for these positions, surpassing a mere university degree.

Andreas sheds light on the distinction between data analysts and data scientists. While data analysts primarily work with business intelligence tools and focus on visual and analytical aspects, data scientists delve deeper into processing frameworks, leveraging data to create new value for organizations. He aptly describes data engineering as the "plumbing" of the data science field, handling the critical background tasks that often go unnoticed.

Throughout the discussion, Andreas touches on the roadmap to becoming a data engineer. He highlights the importance of coding skills, particularly in Python, and mentions various tools and technologies that are currently in demand. Andreas also mentions his coaching program, where he provides guidance and support to individuals interested in data engineering.

It's not that like everybody who's coming from a university can do these jobs. You have to have some practice or some experience... You also need a lot of skills to actually do it." - Andreas Kretz
"I think forget the actual titles when you're looking for jobs and just go straight to the requirements and description of your day-to-day responsibilities... It's all about the work that you're actually doing." - Andreas Kretz

To gain deeper insights into landing a Data Engineer job and to learn more from Andreas Kretz, watch the full video on LinkedIn. Discover the roadmap to building the necessary skills and understanding the evolving landscape of data engineering. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from an expert in the field.