Step-by-Step Method for Building a Brand in Data Science with Kirill Eremenko

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How would others describe your brand? In this episode of the DATAcated on Air podcast, host Kate Strachnyi discusses building a brand with Kirill Eremenko, Founder of BlueLife AI, SuperDataScience, and DataScienceGo. Kirill has a background in physics and mathematics and is passionate about teaching and learning. Listen to learn more about the importance of having a brand and simple ways to start building yours.

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  • Why do we need a brand? [04:12]
  • Challenges building a brand [07:14]
  • Creating a brand for managers [18:34]
  • Social media platforms [20:46]
  • Mixing personal and professional [28:34]
  • Confident Data Skills [39:26]
  • Helpful daily routines [43:43]
  • Overcoming roadblocks [53:25]
  • Ben Taylor on connecting with your audience [01:01:10]

Why we need a brand in data science

Data science is a field that’s booming and is here to stay. There are a lot of data, data scientists, and companies looking to hire data scientists. Building a brand is a way to stand out so that people know who the good data scientists are when it’s time to hire. Because no one can know what the market will look like in five or ten years, sharing expertise and building a brand right now is a way to prepare for the future market.

Another reason to build a brand is to help others. Building a brand means sharing content, thoughts, and ideas. These experiences are an inspiration to people starting in their journey. People in minority groups especially need to share their experiences because they can impact so many people who want to be in the data science space and need inspiration.

Challenges in building a brand

Some of the most prominent challenges are psychological. People are afraid that they don’t have anything to share, that they aren’t as good as others, or that people will laugh at them. Addressing these fears is the first step. Someone doesn’t have to be an expert to have helpful experience to share. Teaching and learning improve one’s knowledge while helping others.

There will always be negative comments. However, if even one person is helped, confronting those negative feelings is worth it. Even if no one else is helped, personal knowledge can be reinforced by teaching things again. The learning experience makes the process worth the effort. Moving outside a comfort zone and failing provides an opportunity to try again and improve.

Start on your level

The audience reached when building a brand makes a difference in where a career can go. Posting tips and tricks online helps people with their day-to-day lives. Not every post has to be a deep discussion or groundbreaking. Something may have been written about many times before, but not everyone has seen everything. If a simple idea can make someone’s work smoother or easier, it’s worth sharing. Some of the biggest influencers in the space have built their brands simply by sharing things that they’ve progressively learned. Many people are at the same level and will find that information extremely useful.

Kirill’s advice is to experiment with several mediums, such as videos, podcasts, and blogs, and not become stuck on the idea that one is necessary over the other. Doing something solely for the sake of building a brand will ultimately fail. Being successful in building a brand requires finding something enjoyable. Everybody loves to share; they just need to find the way they love to share the most.

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