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A 10-day, email-based course focused on helping YOU build & grow your personal brand on social media!

From Kate Strachnyi, Founder of DATAcated

Join now to receive valuable lessons, expert tips, and actionable missions to build and grow your personal brand. Gain the tools and insights needed to stand out in your industry and attract exciting opportunities.

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What's included?

Invest in yourself and take your personal brand to the next level with our comprehensive 10-day email course.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to get as part of the course.

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  • Daily Lessons: Gain valuable insights and strategies to refine your brand identity and messaging.

  • Expert Tips: Receive practical advice and helpful tips to enhance your online presence and visibility.

  • Actionable Tasks: Engage in hands-on missions and tasks designed to put your learning into practice and accelerate your brand growth.


Over the next 10 days, you'll receive a daily email (Monday through Friday) that will guide you through the process of building your personal brand.

Here's what you'll learn each day:

Day 1: Define your brand & optimize your LinkedIn profile
Day 2: Expand your network and engage on LinkedIn
Day 3: Create content on LinkedIn
Day 4: Leverage content creation tools
Day 5: Master tagging and hashtags
Day 6: Understand the various types of content
Day 7: Start your own newsletter
Day 8: Going 'live' on LinkedIn
Day 9: Going beyond LinkedIn and repurposing content
Day 10: Keep up the momentum

This 10-day plan is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to enhance and grow your personal brand.


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Kate Strachnyi

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