DATAcated Show

The DATAcated Show is hosted by Kate Strachnyi, founder of DATAcated. Through captivating and authentic interviews with industry experts, viewers gain insights into the latest data trends, discover the advancements in AI and machine learning, explore innovative data software, and gain knowledge from influential individuals shaping the data landscape.

Whether you're a data professional or simply curious about the power of data and AI, the DATAcated Show is your gateway to the transformative potential of data.


Episode #176: How to Read Gartner’s Magic Quadrant + Critical Capabilities Report with Anne Lapkin

Episode #175: Human Insights & AI

Episode #174: Building Trust in AI with Cal Al-Dhubaib

Episode #173: B2B Marketing Content for Tech Brands - The NEXT Level with Scott Taylor

Episode #172: GenAI Mythbusters with Join Raj Datta

Episode #171: Impact of AI across the data lifecycle with Zoho with Sailas Sundaram

Episode #170: From Gen AI to Gen BI - The Power of Gen AI Unleashed in Analytics with Avi Perez

Episode #169: 3 Ways to Ensure AI Improves Humanity vs Ruins It with Cindi Howson

Episode #168: Tolerance in Data with Michael Lieberman

Episode #167: Just Evil Enough: Beyond Traditional Marketing with Alistair Croll

Episode #166: Starting a Data Business with Christina Stathopoulos

Episode #165: How to get leaders to buy into data reliability & data observability with Mona Rakibe

Episode #164: Winning with Data Science with Howard Friedman & Akshay Swaminathan

Episode #163: How to Give a Great Data Presentation with Christopher Chin

Episode #162: Governed Data Delivery for GenAI with Kevin Petrie

Episode #161: Success in data careers with Adam DeJans Jr

Episode #160: It all starts with data governance with Merrill Albert

Episode #159: AI/ ML: We're doing this wrong! with T. Scott Clendaniel

Episode #158: The need for an enterprise approach to data management with Dr. Anne-Marie Smith

Episode #157: Autonomous Transformation & Reason-Driven Decision-Making with Brian Evergreen

Episode #156: Flowers, candy, gifts & presenting your ML results with Kristen Kehrer

Episode #155: How data governance helps AI, BI, DI, DW, M&A, MDM,  ERP mod, GDPR, PII, PHI, CYA with Nathan Rain

Episode #154: Data quality - to Mars or to jail? with George Firican

Episode #153: How data leaders can control the narrative with Aaron Wilkerson

Episode #152: AI Readiness & Strategy with Seth Dobrin

Episode #151: Understanding AI with Eric Kavanagh

Episode #150: Data management & analytics with Mike Ferguson

Episode #149: How to be creative in your data job with Tiankai Feng

Episode #148: Becoming Data Driven: Why it's hard. and what you can do with Dan Everett

Episode #147: Transferable Data Skills with Monica Kay Royal

Episode #146: Business Intelligence in the Age of AI with Ryan Dolley

------- 2024 -------

Episode #145: RAGs to Riches: 3 Mind-Blowing Retrieval Augmented Generation Use Cases

Episode #144: All things Alteryx + AI

Episode #143: Personal Branding in Data with Andreas Kretz

Episode #142: Data Analytics Interview Formula with Jess Ramos

Episode #141: Exploring Knowledge Graphs with LEGO with Doug Kimball

Episode #140: Data Observability: Beyond the Hype with IBM Databand

Episode #139: Before & After Real-Time AI: 4 Mind-Blowing Use Cases with DataStax

Episode #138: Data-driven and coffee-fueled with IBM Databand

Episode #137: 🚀 Fast track to data science success 🛣️ with Anaconda

Episode #136: DATAcated Health Conference [#7]

Episode #135: Analytics for All with Alteryx Analytics Cloud

Episode #134: Create Better Data Visualizations with Jonathan Schwabish

Episode #133: Data Viz: When to Follow the Rules and When to Break Them with Neil Richards

Episode #132: The NEW modern data stack with Zetaris & Kent Graziano

Episode #131: Actionable Analytics with Pomerol Partners

Episode #130: Turning the💡Lights on Data with George Firican

Episode #129: Visual Analytics in Time and Space with TIBCO

Episode #128: Top 5 Skills: Data Scientists with Matt Dancho

Episode #127: DATAcated Conference March 2022 [#6]

Episode #126: Writeback to Snowflake in Qlik with Pomerol Partners

Episode #125: Dataware for Zero-Copy Integration with Cinchy

Episode #124: Making the business case for data observability with Acceldata

Episode #123: Why infused analytics is critical to business success with Sisense

Episode #122: Storytelling with YOU with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Episode #121: Back to the Future with ML with Pomerol Partners

Episode #120: Modern DataFest [Day 2] [#5]

Episode #119: Modern DataFest [Day 1] [#5]

Episode #118: Building a Data Community in an Organization with Vijay Yadav

Episode #117: The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation with DataVengers

Episode #116: What the &@%# is Developer Advocacy with Kristen Kehrer

Episode #115: From the Cloud to the Moon with Astrato

Episode #114: Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading with Stefan Jansen

Episode #113: Visual Data Analysis in Time ⏲️ and Space 🚀 with TIBCO

Episode #112: Future of Work in a Data-Driven World with Kurt Cagle

Episode #111: Mapping Supply Chains with a No-code Knowledge Graph with KgBase

Episode #110: Holiday Data Book Party

Episode #109: Mitigating “Datastrophes” with Kensu

Episode #108: Understanding your data within minutes with Visplore

Episode #107: Bridge the Gap Between Data & Business with Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Episode #106: Bad data puts every decision at risk with Data Meaning

Episode #105: Talkin' Data with DataVengers

Episode #104: Self-Driving Data Management with Ataccama

Episode #103: DATAcated Expo [#4]- Part II

Episode #102: DATAcated Expo [#4]- Part I

Episode #101: Fail Fast, Learn Faster with Randy Bean

Episode #100: Master Git for effective implementation of version control with Jesse Liberty

Episode #99: How to get your first job in data analytics with Maven Analytics

Episode #98: Love ❤️ your dashboard with ARRIA

Episode #97: Visual Analytics Design - for Perception and Inference with TIBCO

Episode #96: Why Companies Should Buy Their Next Software Solution with Sisense

Episode #95: Anatomy of a decision with Pyramid Analytics

Episode #94: You Need an Embedded Data Science Factory with RapidMiner

Episode #93: The SALT(Y) side of Analytics with Andrew Kim

Episode #92: Data Community Content Creators Awards

Episode #91: Leveling Up: Hyperscale AI with Ben Taylor & Ari Kaplan

Episode #90: Align data strategy & analytics culture with Pyramid Analytics

Episode #89: Tour of duty for data science with Mark Palmer

Episode #88: Mastering Tableau with Marleen Meier

Episode #87: The youngest guy in the room with Adam El Rafey

Episode #86: The 'what' and 'why' of Analytics Process Automation (APA) with Andrew Kim

Episode #85: Start with Stories with Rob Cowell

Episode #84: How to use data viz to make better decisions—faster with Steve Wexler

Episode #83: DATAcated Conference [#3]- DAY 2

Episode #82: DATAcated Conference [#3]- DAY 1

Episode #81: Cleaning Data for Effective Data Science with David Mertz

Episode #80: Market intelligence - beyond Google with Diffbot

Episode #79: Transforming AI with Ben (Jepson) Taylor

Episode #78: Qlik Sense Writeback Extension with Pomerol Partners

Episode #77: Results-driven data literacy with QuantHub

Episode #76: Becoming 'Data-Driven' with Randy Bean

Episode #75: Alteryx Inspire 2023 - Kate & Susan

Episode #74: Alteryx Inspire 2023 - Kate & Dustin

Episode #73: Real time AI success stories with Thomas Been

Episode #72: Data Driven Cooking Show with Laurent Dresse

Episode #71: Analytics for All - data democratization and cloud with Alteryx

Episode #70: The 5 Stages of Analytics Maturity with Alteryx

Episode #69: After breaking into data science with Carly Taylor

Episode #68: Building Sticky Data Apps with Analytics with Sonny Rivera

Episode #67: End to end enterprise data analytics solutions with Leon Gordon

Episode #66: Data science interview & resume tips with Krish Naik

Episode #65: Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading with Stefan Jansen

Episode #64: Circle Spotlight: Data Engineering for All with Andreas Kretz

Episode #63: Circle Spotlight: Data to Dashboard with Microsoft Excel with Ann Emery

Episode #62: Circle Spotlight: Telling Your Data Story With the 3Vs with Scott Taylor

Episode #61: Intro to Data in Web 3 (NFT ANALYTICS) with Avery Smith

Episode #60: Data Entrepreneurship Adventure with Andreas Kretz

Episode #59: Recess in the AI Playground with Clarifai

Episode #58: Demystifying the Modern Data Stack with Astrato

Episode #57: Data Career Shortcuts with influencers

Episode #56: Data enablement with McDonald's & Alteryx

Episode #55: Leadership in Enterprise Data Mesh with Zetaris

Episode #54: Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading with Stefan Jansen

Episode #53: DATAcated Holiday Book Party with Packt

Episode #52: What happens when your tools can't handle the big data with Aaron Richter

Episode #51: Going from black box models to 'Explainable AI' with Denis Rothman

Episode #50: Data storytelling to increase data adoption with Narrative Science

Episode #49: MLOps Platforms with Gideon Mendels

Episode #48: How to BE DATA LITERATE with Jordan Morrow

Episode #47: Lessons learned in a data consulting company with Pomerol Partners

Episode #46: Growing your career from analyst to data scientist with Catalina Herrera

Episode #45: Leverage analytics to produce 'smarter' marketing data with AnalyticsIQ

Episode #44: Data Journey with iData

Episode #43: Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Denis Rothman & Ashish Bansal

Episode #42: DATAcated Conference - DAY 3 Data Storytelling

Episode #41: DATAcated Conference - DAY 2 [#2] Exploring Trends in AI & ML

Episode #40: DATAcated Conference - DAY 1 [#2]- Extracting Business Value from Data'

Episode #39: Skills needed to get into DATA SCIENCE with Andrew Jones

Episode #38: Live streaming while skiing

Episode #37: Data monetization with the 'Dean of Big Data'

Episode #36: Qlik Sense Writeback Extension with Pomerol Partners

Episode #35: Convergence of BI and AI with Tellius

Episode #34: Process-based data governance with Mario Cantin

Episode #33: Addressing the risk of a 'Bad Actor' having access to your data with Qlik

Episode #32: DATAcated Conference [#1]- October 27, 2020

Episode #31: Skills required to get into data science with Andrew Jones

Episode #30: Google Dataset Search - Origin & Mission with Google

Episode #29: Everything you need to land a Data Engineer job with Andreas Kretz

Episode #28: 11-year-old robotics prodigy with Mike Wimmer

Episode #27: Tips for online networking & community engagement with influencers

Episode #26: Democratizing access to accelerated computing with Aaron Richter

Episode #25: Making sense of multiple BI platforms with Pomerol Partners

Episode #24: Discover the power of big data for the wine and spirits industry with Qlik

Episode #23: Breaking into Data Science and Sports Analytics with Ken Jee

Episode #22: Building your personal data brand with Scott Taylor

Episode #21: Storytelling with Data with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Episode #20: Get the data skills necessary for the future with Qlik

Episode #19: How to become "uncopyable" with Steve Miller

Episode #18: Data and AI on the bike Ben (Jepson) Taylor

Episode #17: The Ultimate Guide to Data Careers with Eric Weber

Episode #16: Analytics roadmap & approach for credit unions & others with Pomerol Partners

Episode #15: Building an Information Universe to Democratize Data for All with Qlik

Episode #14: Strengthening Human Firewall & Business Continuity with Databox360

Episode #13: Data Literacy with Kirk Borne

Episode #12: Step-by-step guide to a data career with Eric Weber

Episode #11: Secrets of operationalizing AI / ML models with  Mazen Moussa

Episode #10: Women in Tech with Ali Close

Episode #9: DIY Deep Learning with Tyler Whitehouse

Episode #8: You built a machine learning model - now what? with Jed Dougherty

Episode #7: Exploring Data Science and Trends with Ben Lorica

Episode #6: Plumbers of Data Science | Data Engineering with Andreas Kretz

Episode #5: Data Science for Mortals with T. Scott Clendaniel

Episode #4: Building Data Science Functionality with Alex Vayner

Episode #3: Data Science & Analytics Standards with Usama Fayyad

Episode #2: Data Ethics & Privacy with Dr. JT Kostman

Episode #1: Data Science & Critical Thinking with Deborah Berebichez