DATAcated has joined forces with The Ravit Show to bring together 20+ data leaders to deliver 10-min lightning-talks.

We are excited to bring together thousands of data professionals to learn from the very best speakers, and to engage with each other. FREE to attend and streaming LIVE on LinkedIn & YouTube.

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October 4-5, 2022 | 11am to 3pm ET


"The level and quality of speakers was excellent. I loved this format and how it was organized." Michael  Rosas
"Substantively, it was exceptional in its diversity and expertise of speakers. Every panel I attended was engaging and insightful. In addition, the logistics were smooth. This was a delightful experience." Priyanka Kamble
"The DATAcated conference is superb for networking and getting to know upcoming trends in data and analytics across various industry sectors."   Akshay Mandke
"I loved the diversity of presenters and topics. Keep up the great work!" Emily Cline
“I had a blast participating on The Ravit Show - great conversation, interesting topics, and an awesome community!”  Barr Moses, CEO & Co-founder, Monte Carlo
“It has always been a pleasure working with Ravit. His energy, enthusiasm, and passion for all things data and AI is infectious”. Randy Bean, Author, 'Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data Driven Leadership'

"The sessions are done in a bite sized form where you are able to absorb the information in an easily digestible chunk. I am not yet working as a Data Analyst but I do analyze data and this conference is one that has really made me determined to transition into this role." Jeneil Stephen
"You always host such great live events, Kate! Thank you for doing this for the community and keeping the data party moving, it’s one of my favorite conferences to go to during the year." Dolly Oyenuga
"I really enjoyed the conference and felt it was a great way to expand my vision of what people are doing with data." Chris Marshall
"This was a great event. I loved the quick talks rather than long dialogs. The giveaways and trivia were also very fun. Loved it." Chantal Schweizer
The Ravit Show is a great place to partner. I thoroughly enjoyed being on the show. Ravit has built an amazing Data Science/AI community and great topics are discussed with leaders. Soumyadeb Mitra, Founder & CEO at RudderStack
"The Ravit Show is an energy filled conversation between data practitioners. I got to showcase what we’re working on at Mozart Data and highlight some career learnings with an engaged, data-savvy audience." Co-Founder at Mozart Data

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